Mid Term Inspection

  • An interim visit to check for any arising issues during the tenancy
  • Potential risks to the tenant’s deposit will be highlighted and advice provided
  • Matters raised that require immediate attention or investigation
  • Vital health and safety checks including smoke alarms and ventilation

What Is An
Mid Term Inspection?

A Mid Term Inspection is carried out during a tenancy and provides the landlord or agent with a view of the current condition of the rental property. The trained clerk will inspect all health and safety alarms, air vents and extractor fans, while thoroughly checking the property for any potential issues that may require action.

Highlighted issues can include maintenance required to ensure the property remains fit for rental, evidence of smoking or pets, or activity by the tenant that could cause damage to the property. After the inspection has taken place a detailed report is drawn up to be shared with the relevant parties.

Used Kitchen Needing Inspection

The report will contain photographic evidence of all highlighted areas, along with general views of all the rooms in the property. Guidance will be provided to the tenants if anything is noted that may pose a risk to the property’s condition.

Kitchen Sink In Use

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Mid Term Inspection FAQs

  • Q

    What is a Mid Term inspection?


    An interim property visit is conducted partway through the tenancy – often bi-annually. This helps the landlord understand the current condition and management of the property. It seeks to highlight any maintenance issues and/or forecast any potential issues such as unauthorised occupants (including pets), smoking or anti-social behaviour.

  • Q

    What is the booking process?


    Step 1: Contact LDR Inventories.
    Step 2: Agree requirements/costs.
    Step 3: We carry out the inspection/service request.
    Step 4: Reports are emailed to the relevant parties.

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    How quick is the report turn-around?


    Between 24-72 Hours. Please let us know prior to the appointment if you have urgent deadline requests.

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    How much do the services cost?


    Please contact us for a quote, as our prices may vary slightly depending on property size and location.

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