Inventory Check Out

  • Thorough and detailed overview of property and contents
  • Conducted immediately after tenants move out
  • Compares the condition and order of the property to the start of the tenancy
  • Responsibilities of tenants and landlords reported
  • Referred to, in conjunction with the Inventory Check In, in the case of deposit disputes

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What Is An
Inventory Check Out?

An Inventory Check Out is conducted at the end of a tenancy and consists of a full and thorough inspection of the entire property and all contents within. These conditions, supported with full photographic evidence, are then compared to the original Check In report from the start of the tenancy.

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After the inspection has taken place a comprehensive report is drawn up to be shared with all relevant parties. The report details the current condition of each room and every item within. Any damages, cleaning issues, or missing items are highlighted, clearly identifying all responsibilities.

This report gives you a thorough record of your property and contents at the end of the tenancy, and as such can be used in conjunction with the initial Check In report in the case of deposit disputes.

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Inventory Check Out FAQs

  • Q

    What is the booking process?


    Step 1: Contact LDR Inventories.
    Step 2: Agree requirements/costs.
    Step 3: We carry out the inspection/service request.
    Step 4: Reports are emailed to the relevant parties.

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    Can LDR Inventories do a check-out even if a different company did the Check In


    Yes, we have years of experience carrying out check-in and check-out inspections to be compared with other inventory companies reports. It would be helpful if you could inform us and provide the report prior to the check-out inspection appointment.

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    How many photos are there per report?


    We are proud of our thorough reports which provide high-quality photographic evidence. The number of photographs taken vary depending upon the size and condition of the property, but there are always a lot of photographs in order to cover all aspects of the property and the furnishings. We use industry-leading software to assimilate all relevant date-stamped photographic evidence into all our reports, making them perfect for evidence in the case of deposit disputes.

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    How quick is the report turn-around?


    Between 24-72 Hours. Please let us know prior to the appointment if you have urgent deadline requests.

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